Sunday, May 15, 2011

FFwD: Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Ok, so my version of this week's recipe isn't the prettiest dish I've ever made but it sure tasted good.  I'm a big quiche fan and was really excited about this  recipe-- and the fact that this version includes bacon? All the better!  Don't let my un-pretty results lead you to believe that this wasn't delicious! This recipe starts out with Dorie's recipe for savory tart crust.  I'm glad that so many of our recipes use some sort of pastry because that is an area of cooking that I'd really like to improve on. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable with it now than when I first started in this group.  The savory tart crust recipe is pretty straightforward.  The longest part was having to wait while the dough chilled and then allow it to chill again once you've rolled it out and pressed it into the tart pan.

This quiche uses a mixture of steamed spinach, crisp bacon, onion, and garlic to give it its flavor.  Then you make a custard with eggs and heavy cream.  When I think of quiche I think of a thicker, more egg-based filling but this recipe uses only 2 eggs-- something I had to look twice at to make sure I was reading it correctly.  I liked the results because that delicious spinach and bacon filling was not masked by egg as can sometimes happen with quiche.  The egg custard mixture really just provided a cohesive filling to pull the whole tart together but was not over-powering.

The result was different than any other quiche that I've made but my husband and I both loved this.  The flavors really were delicious and complemented each other and right before baking you add freshly grated Parmesan cheese which turned all bubbly on the top- Delicious!

I do have a question for others in the group (or anyone else), I followed the directions for the tart dough and partially bake the crust-- chilled for over an hour, tried not to stretch the dough, etc. and used baking weights, etc.-- and my crust still shrunk in the oven.  What am I doing wrong?

To see the other delicious versions of spinach and bacon quiche from those in the group, click here.


  1. I loved this FFWD addition, I don't do FFWD but from what I've seen on other blogs it looks awesome. Yours looks delicious even if you don't think so.

    Quiche with 2 eggs that's so interesting.

    I just added you on twitter recently and I love your blog. I hope we can keep in touch.

    Cheers -Kimberly

  2. Did you stretch the crust at all when you put it in the pan? Sometimes that accounts for baking "shrinkage". That darn gluten...
    I totally missed the pre-bake, so I didn't notice any changes. This one defintely tasted better than it looked for me too.

  3. I think your quiche looks beautiful, Ryan! I love the rich golden color. We also loved the flavor of this dish so much. I made mine crustless, but I think Cher is right - if you stretch the dough or work with it too much it seems to shrink in the oven.

  4. I was very surprised by only two eggs, but it actually lends itself for more frequent making because I usually run out of eggs pretty quickly! Your quiche looks fantastic!

  5. Your quiche looks great! I made mine in a pie plate, and I had TOO much crust...and you didn't have's always something, but I'm glad yours still tasted wonderful :)

  6. This was a delicious quiche indeed. I didn't follow the pre-baking directions to a T (only transferred the crust for a few minutes to the freezer before baking), but didn't see any major problems with my quiche. Then again, I used a glass pie dish, and trimmed the dough at the tart/filling level.

  7. Your crust didn't shrink as much as mine did! Your quiche still looks delicious and I wish I could share a trick or two with you, but I'm in the same boat. Luckily, so far, all of Dorie's recipes have been very forgiving!


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